Chairman's Message

Chairman’s Message

From The Desk Of Justin Peta

That decision I made back in 1997 to research amino acid supplementation was one of the best ones I have made in my life.

I am writing this message on August 2011 and in 1 month it will have been 14 years since that fateful day and what was really the turning point in my life and discovering HCF Happy, Calm & Focused. I am happy to say that I am now in a much better place. I suffer from no health challenges, I have energy to spare, my mind and memory are sharper than they have ever been. In fact, I think its fair to say that I am probably feeling more happy, calm & focused than even before my accident.

I am telling you this because I passionately believe that it is possible that nearly everyone can enjoy the same level of mental health as I do, and at any age, 40, 60, 90 years or more. It saddens me greatly to see other men and women feel old before their time, suffering from long lists of preventative health challenges. In most cases there is no need for it.

I feel that if I can convey my own results then I have a better chance of convincing other men and women that they can, if they take action avoid the things that rob them of their quality of life.

Over the last fourteen years I have been privy to many cases in which people have literally had their lives destroyed by inaccurate health information and dependency on harmful substances with side effects.

There is another way…the natural way! I have proved it personally and seen what it can do, not only for family and friends, but now thousands of professionals as well (based on documented experiences submitted to us).

The objective of myself and as a result by extension everyone at The HCF Company is to help people achieve their optimum mental health. We realize that no supplement on its own will work magic and that good health has to be approached from a holistic aspect including diet and lifestyle. It is for this reason that we endeavor to go far beyond simply just providing amino acid supplements. We do our best to provide useful health information that you can use in your everyday lives.

The supplements that we have developed at The HCF Company have all been designed to meet specific needs for my family, friends and our customers, as well as myself! We develop our supplements to meet people’s needs, and not to minimize production costs. Then, if we are satisfied that there is nothing better in the world and that we offer customers value for money which can’t be beaten then we produce the supplement.

We do not compromise on anything, whether it is raw ingredients or manufacturing techniques. We believe we run a highly efficient and lean operation. We keep the end cost to customers to a minimum whilst still maintaining a fair profit to enable us to continue to develop and refine our supplements.

On a final note…our customers truly do come first. We sincerely care about them and should you become one, I can personally guarantee that you will not get finer service from anywhere else in the world. If you are not satisfied, then contact me and I will respond to you personally. I can be reached by telephone or via our form on our contact page.

I sincerely hope you join us.

From Our Family To Yours…

Justin Signiture

Justin Peta
HCF Chairman