Track Record

Track Record

Our customer support team takes immense pride in being there for you no matter what. No little kids here, but real professionals that have proven their worth in caring for others over years of time. They’ll give it to you straight, and here’s a few examples of the feedback they take pride in…

I just wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your efforts and look forward to getting that refund and just generally really really appreciate that you guys went through and did that.

So thank you very much, have a blessed day! Take care and hope all is well. Bye.
- Jeana L., Feburary 7th, 2011
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Thank you very much for your quick reply. I was so excited to try the product…I use just one capsule a day, and it works for me perfectly (thanks again: your product is really great!).

I will be definitely back with more orders later…thank you again for your help and for your wonderful supplement.

- Katerina P., January 4th 2011
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Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. I really appreciate the feedback and your insight… My daughter, Annie, is the one from Jenkintown, PA that had a problem getting the first shipment delivered (which you solved).

You are a very caring person and I really appreciate all the extra effort that you have put into helping Annie and me. You really go above and beyond what most people would do for a customer and it is very much appreciated.

Thanks so much!
- Cathy T., September, 15th, 2010
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THANKS! After I read chicao10′s concern, I was panicked, since I had just received my first “unordered” HCF bottle, after my initial “free” order. I hastily wrote my own nasty-gram to the HCF people to demand my withdrawal from their auto-ordering system.

To my very pleasant surprise, I IMMEDIATELY received back 3 emails explaining the HCF policy that I had signed up for with the “free” order, and that all I had to do was call a phone number to cancel any further orders.

I called the phone number and the wonderful gentleman who sent me the emails greeted me by name and had already canceled my continued ordering information. I don’t know about Chicago10, but this company impresses me as very reputable and sincere and doing their best to create a positive business and truly keep all customers “happy”.

Hope that sets the record straight!

I was able to email them via their LIVE CHAT link off of the home page:
- Cynthia N., May 7, 2010
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Thanks for changing my credit card number and allowing me to call you for my orders. I feel calmer already.

I will use the product according to HCF’s guidelines. I sincerely hope I benefit from the product. If I do, I will definitely stay with it. If I see no benefit, then, I will thank for accommodating me.

In either case, I will mention HCF to friends that have a situation similar to mine. I will make it a point to tell everyone about the integrity and straightforwardness of HCF and your customer support!

Thank you,
- Ralph G., April 8, 2010
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I have really appreciated your customer service. Thank you for your personal response to me both on the phone and on this email. You’re service is one to be emulated!! Thank you for taking your time and for your kindness.
- Shirley M., USA, April 1, 2010
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