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“I am spread way too thin these days…I have, as of the last year, had problems with many things such as memory, mood and proper diet.”

“I am an experienced kitchen chef, who lately has come under quite a bit of ‘on the job’ stresses. The problem is basically this; I am spread way too thin these days. I have, as of the last year, had problems with many things such as memory, mood and proper diet. My wife recently voiced her concerns to me and this is when I began my quest for some type of aid or supplement that could maybe help me with some of things that I was experiencing problems with.

As said, I believe it was due to the fact I was under so many stresses, a new constant in my life, where as before, it was here and there. I work at a very busy restaurant and over the course of the last 3 years we have been whittled down to a skeleton crew. My job carries more responsibility and tasks on a daily basis than it ever did before. I have to remember this and remember that.

Being stretched so thin began to wear on my faculties and mood. Again, my basic problems were mood and memory, accompanied by improper diet and rest.

I did some initial research and found an herbal supplement that seemed to work for a short while, but then didn’t at all after that. With that experience under my belt, I was very wary to make another purchase of any kind as these supplements which are quite often very expensive.

Due to the fact that my work wasn’t going to get any easier anytime soon, I did focus a bit more on rest and proper diet, but still kept my mind open for something that could maybe help me out a bit more in my current situation at work and at home. With my improved diet, I did notice some changes in my mood and energy levels, but I was still having some trouble with attention and memory.

I ordered my HCF after reading a good review of it in comparison to other ‘brain’ supplements. I then called and spoke with a HCF operator, and after having what questions I had answered, I ordered your product.

I have been taking it now for just over a week and I notice enormous changes in my calmness and mood. My focus is much better and my sleep has improved the feeling of calmness, that’s what I’ve really noticed right off the bat.†* My spouse even commented on my mood after about 4 days of taking this supplement.†* I am very glad I came across HCF and am very pleased with it thus far.”

- Charles H., Leadville, CO, February, 23, 2012

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