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“My wife noticed I was negative, unmotivated, and struggling with conversation…we were told my son had attention challenges when he was in the 1st grade.”

“We were told my son had attention challenges when he was in the 1st grade. It wasn’t until some years later that we found HCF and began giving it to him on a limited program. Our boy quickly started to display progress in his schoolwork and being less disruptive.†* His teacher noticed a marked change in his overall behavior. My wife and I were always strict on discipline, but we felt that our son was a good boy who simply was unable to concentrate due to everything around him that was a distraction to his connective assimilation of information, especially auditorily. So, we worked patiently with him and kept a firm but loving hand in his training.

Today, he is a very popular, largely focused young adult who is successful in talking to people and selling whatever product he chooses to work with, and playing drums amazingly.† He still takes one HCF tablet almost every morning. It has also helped him with some negative emotions that he had to contend with beginning a couple years ago.*

As for me, I’m 58 now, and I have been taking HCF and these amino acids almost every day for about the past 15 years. I have a milder form of attention challenges, but it still makes life difficult when having conversations, or just listening to someone speak publicly. I take one, or two at the most, every morning when I sit up in bed with a full glass of water.†

As a licensed financial advisor, I have to display good listening skills with my clients; HCF has helped me dramatically in this. I can tell that I am really ‘on my game’ at work, in the morning especially.† I can process information received over the phone and respond with fluency to my clients questions. As a contrast, when I ran out of HCF last year, and didn’t replace my supply for over a month, my wife noticed I was negative, unmotivated, and struggling with conversation. I personally sensed that I was suffering from a degree of sadness, or burn-out.*

When I started up on HCF again, I was back to normal within a day or two…I took two HCF’s at a time to start with, then back to just one a day.†

I know I could take two or three in the morning, but I’m not much of a “vitamin-taker” and one is sufficient for my needs for now. However, sometimes, in the early evening, I’ll take one or two HCF if I have a speaking part or other responsibility that I know will be taxing on my limited brain power.† HCF is so gentle in its effects that you forget why you feel so solid and happy…it just does its job without any side effects that I have ever noticed.*

Thank you for helping me and my family have a much more productive, and overall better life!”

- Dan V., San Clemente, CA, February, 22, 2012

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