Ivan V.


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“My very close friend said: “Never give up, never surrender!” She found HCF, read all information, ordered for me and than suggested me to use. I did. O, my God!”

“I am 80 years old man. I’m still working as School Crossing Guard to help students to pass busy intersection near the school.

I have a hobby fishing. Often I spend all day and night fishing and than rush back to be on time on my post near the busy intersection. Of course, I get a speeding ticket from police. It wouldn’t be so bad if the Ministry of Transportation did not oblige me to renew my driving licence when I was pulled over. O, my God! I’ve forgot when last time I’ve been on any exams.

Since then I started to panic. Felt myself outside of my life, even wanting to give up.

But my very close friend said: “Never give up, never surrender!” She has searched through the internet for many supplements for the brain. She found HCF, read all information, ordered for me, and than suggested me to use it. I did. Oh, my God! After first week of using HCF, I began to feel myself refreshed and bright again.†*

Of course, now I have passed all my driving exams with very high marks.† I feel myself like a new man. But what is interesting—people who are passing the intersection where I am the crossing guard and have known me for a long time have started giving me compliments and more funny is when they are guessing and asking me; “How old you are? 65? Yes! I answer with big pride about HCF.†

I like my new life, function, thoughts, and action with HCF!*

Never give up! Never surrender!”

- Ivan V., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, September 18, 2010

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