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“Used to chew his finger-nails non-stop…although not on any dangerous chemicals, he struggles to stay focused so much that at school he had to be removed from “mainstream” classes…”

“My son turns 15 in September, and although not on any dangerous chemicals, he struggles to stay focused so much that at school he had to be removed from “mainstream” classes to “comp” class where he has his one IEP (Individual Education Plan).*

I searched the internet looking for help, and found the information about Happy – Calm – Focused.

The product was received by me in Canada, and here are my initial comments after 6 days of my son taking 2 capsules each morning on an empty stomach…

The good news is that six days of HCF has begun to show positive signs on both me and my older son.† He used to chew his finger-nails non-stop at church meetings, but last Sunday and yesterday he did not do so even once. I am also taking two capsules every morning with him and my mental agility seems to be improving for a 50+ old man.†* I will definitely stay on it after the first trial bottle is gone.

It has now been 3 months that my son has been taking HCF, and the results are finally in!†

Yesterday I finally had a meeting with his teachers at Sudbury Secondary School to assess his progress to date as well as chart a way forward for him. The teachers I met were his academic teacher and his gym teacher.

Even though these teachers were not with my son last school year, after perusing his records and comparing with what they have seen of him so far this year, both stated there has been considerable improvement in his disposition and performance.* His academic teacher reported that he was the best in her class in reading and comprehension of instructional material. She added that he did not need much prompting and that finger-biting was less noticeable on his part.

The gym teacher gave him top marks in performance and co-operation. He had no areas where he thought my son may need to improve and merely encouraged him to keep up the good work.

Now, on the home front, there has been considerable improvement on his part. As reported before, after almost giving me a heart attack when he volunteered to read scriptures in church on two occasions, he has now become a regular volunteer in this regard. He does not struggle to locate his passage in the Bible and reads it when asked to.

Another development worthy of your esteemed attention is in regard to how he managed to single-handedly install Wii Software on our TV through a wireless connection. I can’t tell you all the details, but suffice it to say that one day at the beginning of the school term he went to a second-hand game shop and purchased some gadgets that had instructions on them. When he got home he asked permission to install the software on the TV so he could play his games without interfering with my computers.

Because I thought that such was impossible and mere madness on his part, I said yes and turned my back on him. After fumbling and moving back and forth from TV to phone for nearly an hour, and on occasion asking for the password that I had used on my wireless connection, he suddenly exclaimed excitedly calling me over to take a look. Yes, he had installed his software and was using the remote control as a key-board to access youtube to play videos, change and surf through channels. Now he plays all his video games on the TV and not on my computer.

And yes! Every morning like clock-work I get up and give him his two capsules of HCF before he eats breakfast and goes to school.† He is more amicable and not at all agitated when he can’t get his way.* Thanks to HCF!

As regards my son, HCF has done wonders for him. I only forgot to mention to you that his undeniable improvement has also persuaded his mom to start taking it. To date, she has been taking it for over two weeks daily and is praising its effect on her mood and perception.†* She used to nod off a bit in church, but now she seems to maintain focus on business on hand.”

- Jacob S., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, October 19, 2011

(upon request, name changed for personal reasons)

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